Season is Ice Reign

A vast silence reigned over the land. The land itself was desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness. There was a hint in it of laughter, but of a laughter more terrible than any sadness- a laughter that was as mirthless as the smile of a Sphinx, a laughter as cold as the frost and ice. It was the powerful, unspeakable wisdom of eternity, laughing at the futility of life and effort of life. It was the Wild, the savage, frozen-hearted Wild Territory.

Wolf Pack Laws and Terms

Traditional Wolf Pack Laws:
1.Obey the strong, oppress the weak
*Obey the Alphas, keep the weak and unneeded under control, out of the pack, or dead.
2. Hunt or be Hunted, Kill or Be Killed 
*Each wolf does their share of hunting for the pack, carries their own weight. It's the Wild Territory. If they don't kill other animals, eventually something will kill them, same for hunting.
3.The strongest wolf of each gender are to become Alphas
*If a wolf thinks they are stronger than the alpha, they may challenge the alpha in a fight to the death, and the winner is crowned alpha. The loser is dead.
4. Only Alphas can mate and have pups
*The purpose of this is so that because both Alphas are the strongest, their bloodlines will carry on, and produce healthy and strong pups that will one day benefit the pack with strong wolves. If any others have pups, especially omegas, their pups will also become omegas, or more likely, killed.

Wolf Terms:

  1. Alpha- Leader
  2. Beta- High class wolf with value, such as strength or swiftness
  3. Delta- Middle ranking, your average wolf
  4. Pup- Young wolf, still learning from senior members
  5. Omega- Lowest ranking wolf, lower than pup, due to sickness, deformation, lack of strength, etc.
  6. Underfur- the second layer of a wolf's coat that keeps them warm
  7. Guard Hair/Fur- Second layer of wolf's coat that protects them from nearly any weather


  1. Here's my rain character.

    Akia is a husky in the Pack of Eternal rain. She's agile, a good hunter and swimmer. She has a feisty personality but is also friendly if you're on her good side. Akia was abused by her human owner, and was finally able to run away, braving running out of the range of the electric fence, the electric collar still digs into her neck. Rather than making her shy, however, her past has toughened her, even if she is somewhat defensive. She would be considered a beta.


    There you go!


  2. Shina is one of the daughters of the alpha wolves, Kiche and Red Fang. Kiche tends to prefer her sisters over Shina because of Shina's deformed paw, but she still holds high expectations for her. She's clever, a quick learner, which can make up for her paw most of the time. Shina is good at hunting in groups, but she isn't a very good fighter or solo hunter. Shina is pretty shy, but gets along well with her sisters.,r:4,s:0,i:86

  3. Heres my pup-

    Kaliska is the Alpha's pup. She has always been expected to grow up strong and determined. But Kaliska is not all that interested in the whole alpha buisness, as she is somewhat dreamy and loves listening to the stories of thier pack.She constantly has her head stuck in the clouds and is think all the time, making her not a likley candidate for alpha. She is a pure blue pup with blue eyes the color of saphire. Her defining markings are, her snow white paw, tail tip, and perfect diamond on her forehead

    pic(srry its not tht good, but is the one that fit her description most )

  4. Fang is a first for this pack of wolves. He is differant from them, from his big, rounded ears, right down to the twang in his accent. He is an African Wild Dog, who was smuggled from Africa, but he managed to escape before the smugglers sold him. Now he lives with Bloodpack, hoping for a new life. He misses his old pack, but doesnt let anyone know, because he doesnt want to worry them. His personality is calm and caring, and he alwaystrys to help those around him, because where he was brought up, strenghth wasnt everything.


  5. No wait, in Shina's, where it says sister, siblings.

  6. Ok, so my wolf(ves) for Ice are:

    Theme song- Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

    Skanda is a young black and silver male wolf with dull grey eyes. He's abnormally skinny, but thats mostly due to a genetic disorder, hence his position in the pack, Omega. He only wants to be useful to the pack, but finds it hard because of how skinny and weak he is.

    Theme song- Nothing to Say by Soundgarden

    Gwyn is a level-headed and eerily calm natured male. Be careful if you tick him off, because his voice will adopt a very quiet and surprisingly calm tone that is more frightening than if he were up in your face shouting. He has an all black coat with gleaming pale baby blue eyes. Underneath his rough ice-shelled coat are many scars and painful memories. He remains quiet and distrustful because of his past. He knows his limits and will not fight un-needed battles.

  7. Havoc
    Ignition by TobyMac

    Havoc is a stubborn, deceitful, and powerful first for BloodPack. He's a full-blooded African Spotted Hyena complete with the rounded ears and sloped back and won't let anyone put him down for it. Having escaped poachers who wanted to sell him, he had to fight to survive in this strange unknown territory. Plus, he wasn't the only one. When he came across a BloodPack hunting party he had to restrain himself from attacking. He had laid eyes on Fang, an African Wild Dog. He hated those wimps and hates Fang. He does everything within his power to make his life miserable. And so far, has succeeded. Whenever Havoc gets angry or upset, his voice takes on this heavy/thick South African accent, making him near impossible to understand unless you are from Africa.

  8. Niko
    Delta (rainpack)
    Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch

    Niko is a young white wolf with black markings. He's blind, but don't let that stop you. He's learned a kind of Echolocation and can also use the vibration technique to "see", making him as good as anyone else when it comes to fighting and hunting. He's very laid back and has no worries. He takes it all in strides and many are envious of him because of it. He doesn't really care what people think of him.

  9. Eclipse
    A strong she-wolf
    She has a midnight black
    coat all the way through
    She has firey red eyes
    And a faint scar across her
    left eye she keeps hidden well
    She had a rough sad past that makes
    her strong whats unique about her
    is she has a long glossy coat and
    moves sorta like a horse
    It makes her graceful in a hunt
    She blends in with the trees
    She's learned the way of nature
    She's really quiet so you never hear
    But she does have a weakness
    She fears earthquakes
    For when she was a pup her family
    was killed in one another weakness
    Is bees she can't stand them
    When she was learning how the forest
    is she tried to eat a bee but it got her on
    the nose it was puffy for days
    Theme song:stand in the rain

  10. ( = looks
    And three days grace let's start a riot = theme)
    MoonStriker he is a strong huge male wolf a delta but unknown how he holds his temper but his personality it cruel and harsh and sarcastic with a hint of being ironic and very liking when you get his true heart but he hates anything metal or the sound of a flute he has white silver fur with neon silver eyes with grey underfur

  11. I want to join Flowing Blood Pack and here is my entering form.

    Wolf Name- Spirit
    Wolf Rank- pup
    Theme Song-
    Detailed Description/Personality-
    Spirit is a light yellow wolf with cream on her front paws, underbelly, and parts of her tail. She has a piercing in her ear which holds an eagle talon as well as a spiked collar that holds another talon from another eagle. She has a spiked wristband on her paw that she could take off but she chooses not to. She is a very protective, strong, clever, quick, witty, resourceful, passionate and persistent, which is normally traits that lead to alpha.She has beautiful dark green eyes.
    She was once a daughter to an alpha. She has a few siblings that are spread out, and they wish for her blood because she was always better at things like hunting and fighting then them. Spirit was in a tribe like pack, and it later got attacked, forcing her to run at a young age alone. Her mother had been killed in front of her eyes. She was alone and taught herself hunting and fighting. Rogues found her and took her in for some time, amazed by her holding actions of leadership and her hunting and fighting skills. She ran from them after seeing them murder a family of wolves that her mother had been close to. She has a small array of scars running under her fur from being captured once and tortured for a pup, which meant being scratched repeatedly. She is good at doing hunts and fights in groups as well as being solo.

    Well, thats all i'm gonna be saying about Spirit. Hope you let me join!

  12. here is my picture.


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