Season is Ice Reign

A vast silence reigned over the land. The land itself was desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness. There was a hint in it of laughter, but of a laughter more terrible than any sadness- a laughter that was as mirthless as the smile of a Sphinx, a laughter as cold as the frost and ice. It was the powerful, unspeakable wisdom of eternity, laughing at the futility of life and effort of life. It was the Wild, the savage, frozen-hearted Wild Territory.

Pack of Eternal Rain Wolves

Alpha Male(left)- Black Shadow is a young wolf with a black and gray pelt,two white marks above his eyes, and one yellow and one blue eye. He is trying to isolate himself from love; when he  was a beta he fell in love with Catori, an omega, and Twyla, a roamer who joined their group, and had pups with both of them, which is breaking a major law in the Law of the Pack. So he disowned his pups, and made Twyla Alpha for the sake of the pack. When Catori and Akia crossed the line, he exiled them- so now one mate is exiled, one slightly evil, a handful of disowned pups... There's nothing left to lose, only room to gain, right?
Alpha Female(right)-Twyla is a sly, charismatic, intelligent she wolf with dark brown fur and ivy green eyes. But she's also very jealous and selfish. She stole Black Shadow from Catori with every intention of doing it, had pups with him, and then helped exile Catori from the Pack. There are also rumors going around that she was involved in the disappearance of Sky, previous Alpha Female. 

Russet Wolf Pictures, Images and Photos
Declan has dark and light brown, black and tan fur and charming light green eyes. He is very difficult at times and is aggravating towards those he cares about the most. He tends to argue alot, especially with females. He has no living family and wants a mate.

Shiba is a red she wolf with a pelt similar to a fox's, and orange eyes. When she was a pup her parents died, making her an omega orphan. She taught herself to hunt, making up for her lack of mentors, therefore climbing the social ladder to delta. Her parents named her Rain, but she renamed herself Shiba once she learned the general rules of the pack and developed her personality and who she was. Now, she is an excellent solo hunter, though too weak to be a good fighter. Shiba  is an over achiever and still has a sense of non acceptance, so will try to prove herself at everything.

Parents- twylaXblackshadow
Raven is a pitch black she wolf with a white tail tip and patch on her chest, and poisonous green eyes that dare you to say anything to her. She is dedicated to becoming alpha female- no doubt she is strong, but it's her motives that make wolves question her, and they wonder what she plans on doing to the pack if she plans on being alpha so strongly at such a young age.
Parents- twylaXblackshadow
Hawk is like a replica of Black Shadow, even the eyes, except for one dark brown ear and paw. He is mean and strong, and when angered he can and will put his peers in danger.
Parents- twlyaXblackshadow
Crow is a strong, burly black wolf with an ego to match. He is arrogant, condescending, and self obsessed. He has the strength to become alpha someday, or so he believes, and he will stop at nothing to get the power he thinks he deserves.

young anime  tan wolf
Mourning Dove 
Parents- twylaXblackshadow
Mourning Dove is a light brown she wolf with blue eyes. Twyla painted three marks under each of Mourning Dove's eyes, and  her metal bracelets to wear around her paws, and said that they represented an enchantress's apprentice where she was from. So Twyla has promised Mourning Dove to become an enchantress.

Meadow Lark
Parents- twylaXblackshadow

Parents- catoriXblackshadow
Shiver is a whitish silver pup with beautiful pale green eyes. Her mother is Catori and father is Black Shadow, but he disowned her and claimed Jasper to be her father.  She was named Shiver after her love of ice. 

Blossom is a light gray pup with hazel eyes. Her mom is Catori and father is Black Shadow, though he disowned her and now Jasper is her foster father. Her siblings are Shiver and Okami.
Parents- catoriXblackshadow
Okami is a white she pup with strange blood red markings on her face and Black Shadow's mismatched eyes. They don't know how she got her markings except that she was born with them. Okami has made it her goal to please her father, and be accepted by him. She's angry at Catori for breaking up with Black Shadow, because she feels that if she stayed with him, Okami and her siblings would be loved and accepted by not just Black Shadow, but also the Pack.

Jasper is a russet-red color,with white markings. He doesn't have any known family, but because of his pelt color, there are rumors that he's distantly related to Nightmare in Blood Pack. When Jasper took on Uro to become Alpha, he defeated him, but Black Shadow arrived, and he was a much harder match than Uro. So Jasper lost and was humiliated in front of the pack. Instead of dying he had to get his eye torn out, claim seven disowned pups as his own, teach them and care for them, which is an omega female's job.

A white she wolf with icy blue eyes. She is kind and fair, but not a fighter. She is very beutiful and the males fall for her often, her silvery white pelt and deep blue eyes remind other wolves of frestly fallen snow. She trys to treat everyone with fairness and compassion, but she is physically weak, thus she has the lowest rank in the pack, omega. She hopes to one day, work her way up the social ladder to alpha.She fell in love with Black Shadow, and illegally carried his pups, who he disowned when they were born. Catori was exiled from Rain Pack- her blood pups are Shiver, Blossom, Okami and Ice, but Ice was stolen and eaten by a lynx as a pup.

Akia is a husky in the Pack of Eternal rain. She's agile, a good hunter and swimmer. She has a feisty personality but is also friendly if you're on her good side. Akia was abused by her human owner, and was finally able to run away, braving running out of the range of the electric fence, the electric collar still digs into her neck. Rather than making her shy, however, her past has toughened her, even if she is somewhat defensive. She would be considered a beta.


  1. Honeywell- Honeywell is a pudgy, mustard yellow male. He's really A slob and sometimes neglects to groom his pelt. Hoping one day he can be aloha, Honeywell tries to act cool and tough but fails. His eyes are a swampy green cloro with flecks of brown in them. He has an obsession with climbing trees and eating the honey out of bee's nests, and usually ends up getting his already unattractive face covered in beestings


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