Season is Ice Reign

A vast silence reigned over the land. The land itself was desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness. There was a hint in it of laughter, but of a laughter more terrible than any sadness- a laughter that was as mirthless as the smile of a Sphinx, a laughter as cold as the frost and ice. It was the powerful, unspeakable wisdom of eternity, laughing at the futility of life and effort of life. It was the Wild, the savage, frozen-hearted Wild Territory.

Rain Roleplay


  1. Black Shadow stood warily in front of Uro, jumpy and observant of everything around him- the scent of a snow hare a mile away; The silence of the multiple frozen waterfalls throughout Eternal Rain Territory; the scent of another pack that wasn't Flowing Blood Pack on the border.
    "Uro, I need at least two others to come. I need to see who this pack is and what they want."
    "No. During the winter there is a lot of prey- migrating moose, caribou and ox herds, hibernating animals- we need all of the hunters we can so we can stalk up if we are ever in need of food. I can't spare even three wolves."
    Black Shadow growled inwardly.

  2. Catori happened to be passing by and heard Uro telling Black Shadow off. She pads over, tail between legs and ears down.
    "uhm Uro-sir, i couldnt help hearing your all's discussion as i walked past, and i was thinking, maybe, since im just an omega, maybe i could go?" Catori barks in her soft, quiet voice. She inwardly seethed at having to grovel like this, but nonetheless kept her tail and ears down.

  3. Black Shadow nodded, and said,
    "We have little use for omegas. She won't be missed, and I think I can handle a little she wolf."
    Catori pricked her ears in frustration, and Black Shadow smirked.
    Uro tipped his head. "Very well. You've got five moon highs and five sun rises. Gather wwhat supplies you need, then leave."
    Black Shadow bristled with anticipation.

  4. "Thats it though, no more." Uro growled lowly, his ears set forward.
    With a slight tip of his head, Uro indicated that the conversation was at a close.
    "Well get to it, then, instead of standing there like a pair of homeless rabbits." he growled, sitting back and looking over his territory as the 2 left.

  5. Black Shadow threw a scowl back at Uro.
    'Thinks he can conrol me... One day he will pay.' he thought as he left. He nudged Catori, and said, go grab a carribou leg, and that'll be the food we take.
    As she left, he closed his eyes, and sensed the foreign pack in the distance. Catori reappeared, holding the meat.
    "Come on. Let's get out of this frozen waste land." He flattened a path through the snow, and came to the Great River. Completely frozen solid.
    The guard hairs on Black Shadow's pelt stuck out straight, tipped with ice crystals, and warm air billowed from his nose.
    They carefully picked their way down a path next to a twenty foot frozen water fall. The cold was bitter, and prickled their paw pads.

  6. As Catori and Black Shadow alighted down one the rivers icy surface, Catori put the caribou leg down and yipped
    "Which way do we go now ?" Black shadown motioned with his head left.
    "This way, its where most of the Rainpack scent is coming from."
    Catori nodded, picked up the caribou and resumed walking across the slick surface. It was beginning to snow now, and the harsh winds seemed to blow tiny daggers of ice right into Catoris face, she had to constantly blink, just to keep her vision somewhat clear. She was just about to suggest that they stop for the noght, whenn Catori heard a loud cracking sound, and looked at Black Shadow in dismay.
    "The River! Its cracking!"

  7. Black Shadow whipped his head around to Catori, and saw one of her hind legs lurch downwards, and she yelped sharply. He froze as a loud crack sounded beneath him. He breathed, "No sudden moves. Paw the ice in front of you to make sure it's steady, and walk. slowly."
    He place one paw lightly on the ice, and carefully balanced out his weight between each leg.
    Catori flattened her ears and eased her hind leg out of the frozen icy water slowly, and cautiously stepped towards Black Shadow.
    "Easy does it." He said quietly, and took another step closer to her. She took another step forward, watching her legs to make sure they didn't slip.
    Black Shadow smiled a little. He thought to himself, 'she's a very pretty she wolf. It's a shame she is an omega. long white fur and sparkly blue eyes....'
    He shook out his fur, hoping she didn't notice his stone shell to his heart breaking. Instead, she was gazing wide-eyed at the cracked ice beneath her feet.
    Black Shadow followed her gaze to see a long, eel like shape gliding beneath the surface through the icy water.

  8. Catori's breath quickened as she saw the enormous eel sliding beneath te water
    "it ok, dont panic," Black Shadow barked quietly
    Catori nodded and slowly slid her white paws across the ice, hoping it wouldnt disturb the eel. Her back leg ached from the cold and her vision was blurred by snow, though she could pick out Black Shadow's dark pelt in the swirling whiteness.
    "come on Catori,"Black shadow barked gently, "The ice is more stable over here" Catori nodded, and slowly began to make her way over to Black Shadow. When she was with in a couple wolf lenghths of Black shadow, Catori began to be able to mmake out some of Black Shadow's characteristics. She had neer noticed it before, but he was quite an attractive wolf, with his glossy dark pelt and shimmering mismatchd eyes, Just as catori relized that she was staring, she felt her feet slip on the icy surface, and her body went down cracking open her small section of ice. Catori winced and screamed inwardly as the dark, frigid water closed over her head, She could see the gap that she had fallen through, but somehow could not make her body move, it was as if icy claws had wrapped around her body and was dragging her down to the depths of the river. Her conciousness faded, and she knew she was about to pass out, and the last though she remembered before fainting, was,
    "Black Shadow..... Help me...."

  9. Black Shadow totally forgot his move slowly rule, and lunged forward, but too late. Catori was sinking, trapped under a sheet of thicker ice. He stuck his head under the surface to look for her, but lurched back when the shocking cold stunned him and made him dizzy. Unnoticed, the dark eel passed again, and Black Shadow pawed the thick ice too see if it would move. It tilted upward and suddenly the eel shot upward. It had the thickness and length of an oak's tree trunk. It's head was eyeless, and it opened a huge circular mouth that contained rows of lethal sharp teeth. Black Shadow jumped backwards as the thing lunged at him, but the ice shattered, and gave way beneath him. He plunged into the deathly cold water, and frantically snapped his legs back and forth. The thing twisted its way around his torso, like a boa constrictor squeezes its prey to death. He yelped, only to get a mouthful of water which choked him even more. The eel like monster snapped one of his front paws, and the bone broke with a crack. Black Shadow barely held off passing out, and with a massive kick, he escaped its grasp. It lunged again, and he darted behind a huge chunk of ice the size of the wolf. It screeched in pain, and writhed. He peered out from behind it, and saw that its long fangs were lodged deep inside of the ice.
    Black Shadow kicked to the surface, and took a couple seconds to breath and get ahold of himself. Then He dove back under in search of Catori. He looked around and saw her snowy white coat on the floor of the river. As he swam down to her, the eel whipped its tail and slashed him on the ribs. He winced and kept going, which seemed to take a lifetime. He finally reached Catori and slung her over his back. As quickly as he could, Black Shadow kicked off of the floor and broke the surface.

  10. "Wake up,Wake up Catori, please!" the words registered in Catoris brain, and she felt the urge to listen to them. Cracking her eyelids open a little, she saw a large dark-pelted wolf staring down at her in concern. what had happened? Why was this wolf here?
    Then it all came rushing back to Catori like a waterfall of memories. She had fallen through the ice, she had passed out. This wolf, Black Shadow, must have saved her pelt just now. Considering he was dripping wet and looked exausted, Catori figured that he must have dove in after her, which was a very risky thing to do for a wolf. "Black Shadow just risked his own pelt to save mine..." Catori though in disbelief, a beta! risking himself for an omega! It was truly admirable.
    "Black Shadow.." Catori croaked as she vomited up a spew of water
    "yeah?" He replied, eyes glued to her in concern
    "Thank you, you really saved my pelt back there" Catori's frosty blue eyes stared into Black Shadows mismatched ones, and she felt a strange feeling, one that she had never felt before, one that made her want time to stop just for her and Black Shadow. Catori felt her wet cheeks flush and quickly stared down at her paws.

  11. Black Shadow smiled a little and flicked her ear with a claw.
    "Just don't go falling into rivers and diving after giant eels anymore." He laughed nervously to break the ice, no pun intended. "So... We should probably find a warmer area to sleep." He stated, cocking his head at the half moon already coming up. "Let's go find some deep snow. A good way to conserve warmth in the snow is to dig yourself underneath the snow and close the opening above you. Then pack the snow until its hard, and the warmth will be trapped in the area. So came on; we can look for a place with deep snow."
    He helped her up, and they leaned on eachother to support eachother. Catori was still shaken and Black Shadow's paw and ribs ached, so they hobbled slowly through the chest high snow.

    -Black Shadow

  12. Catori savored the feeling of Black Shadows fur against her own, enjoying evry minute they had together, knowing that when they got back to the pack, it would be the same ole pick-on-the-omega routine. But right now, that didnt matter to her, she was just glad to be where she was. after a couple minutes of searching, Catori and Black Shadow came up on a decent sized snow drift, one that would make a decent sized den
    "Ok, ill go see if i can find us something to eat, and you start on the den " Black Shadow barked, making Catori relize tht it had been awhile since they had left camp, and they She was already quite hungry.
    "Ok" Catori barked, beggining to start on the digging, "Hurry back"
    Black Shadow nodded and trotted off. Catori sighed as she sprayed up plumes of snow with every pawsweep, how would this work out when they got back to the pack?

  13. Black Shadow shook out his fur to get rid of the excess snow resting on it. He then cocked his head and listened very carefully, to a tiny thumping heart under the snow. He crouched down silently, and waited a minute, and in one unexpected movement, he leaped out of the snow and pounced on a tiny mouse. He buried it in the snow even though it was a pitiful catch. Black Shadow continued, then stopped aruptedly when a dark wolf with ivy green eyes approached him.
    'thats weird,' he thought, 'i didnt even smell or hear her coming.'

  14. Catori digs on, unaware of the dark wolf with green eyes. She had dug a decent sized hole, and it was about the size of a small whelping den.
    "Needs to be bigger.." Catori mumbled to herself as she she dug ever farther into the drift

  15. The she wolf slyly walked around Black Shadow in a circle, watching him closely.
    "What do you want?" He growled at this stray. She laughed softly and said, "I just want to stay with you- and kill that witch your traveling with."
    He looked at her in disgust and said, "You're sick." He started to walk away to head back to where Catori was, food or no food.

  16. Catori's ears swiveled as she She heard Black Shadow coming.
    "Hi Black Shadow!" She barked,happy to see him.
    "Hello" He replied. Catori noticed something off about him, it was something faint, something Catori could barely make out. It was his scent, Catori's sharp nose could pick up the distinct scent of a shewolf on his fur, just one by the smell of it.
    "Uhh, Black Shadow?" Catori asked tentitavly
    "Yeah?" Black Shadow asked, raising his eyebrows
    "Have you had a run-in with another wolf?"
    "Yeah. some crazy shewolf stopped me on my way back" Black Shadow barked
    "Oh, ok, was she Bloodpack?" Caotori asked, eyes concerned. Black Shadow shook his head.
    "We'd better get to sleep , we have to rise early tomorrow." Black Shadow barked, looking tiredly at Catori

  17. She nodded, uncertain, but turned around and headed back to the hole. Black Shadow hoped she wasn't worried; they had had enough excitement for the day. He was ready for a long night of sleep, in a warm den... His fur bristled as a chill went down his spine, as if someone were watching them. He glanced back into the thicker frozen plants, and saw two dark, ivy eyes disappear.
    He shook out his fur; frost was crystallizing on the tips of his guard fur, and steam billowed from his nose when he exhaled.
    "Let's see how you did," he said to Catori. She nodded and lead the way. in a couple wolf lengths, he saw the hole- a dark tunnel that lead off into a bigger area. Catori lead the way in with a belly crawl. Black Shadow followed as her snowy white tail was shadowed to darker gray from the lack of light. It was a tight fit; the walls pressed his fur to his body and brushed his ears against the ceiling. In a couple foxlengths, the tunnel ended and opened to a bigger-but still small- area. Black Shadow nodded to Catori.
    "Nice job. Now we'll just close the entrance to conserve heat. He did so, and lie down between Catori and the wall. He was highly aware of their fur touching, and her breathing. (LOL creepy much???)

  18. Catori knew she wouldnt sleep. At least for awhile, She was too aware of Black Shadow's presence, so close beside her. She felt his fur brush hers as he rolled over, it seemed to send sparkes through her pelt. Is this how it felt when a wolf was in love? Catori's mind swirled with confusing feelings, until she just decided to ignore them till morning, carefully placing her head on her paws,she closed her frosty blue eyes, in hope of the slim chance tht she might actully fall asleep
    (Lol so dramatic!)

  19. (I know, it's freakin' hilarious!)
    Black Shadow's fur flattened and smoothed out as he focused on the day's events instead of the beautiful snow white she wolf beside him.
    The dark brown she wolf with Ivy green eyes was mysterious, and had tried to get Black Shadow to come with her. She had called Catori a witch, and he loathed her for it. Black Shadow wondered where she had come from anyway.
    He decided it was best to not linger on her and just get some sleep. He couldn't help staring at Catori, who's head was resting on her paws, eyes closed.
    He sighed inwardly, butjumped up and hit his head on the ceiling when a howl of distress sounded muffled through the walls of packed snow.
    Catori was on her paws too, and as they whipped around, their noses touched. Black Shadow froze and stared down his muzzle into Catori's light, frost blue eyes, and felt as if he'd been electrified. His fur was sticking straight up in alarm and in excitement, and he stuttered, "I'm- s-sorry i didn't mean to to to- " but was interupted by a wail of pain outside.
    He tripped over his own feet trying to back up and stumbled into the wall, stunned. he avoided looking at her so he wouldn't see her reaction. Black Shadow dug the snow blocking the tunnel out of the way, and marched out. He followed the sounds of the howls, Catori following.
    A dark brown she wolf with ivy green eyes had her leg caught in a fox trap.

  20. Catori felt the blood rush to her cheeks as Black Shadow's nose touched hers, the sensation of bolts of lightning getting shot through her body lingered as the two wolves rushed out in the open. A brown shewolf with striking ivy green eyes lay on the ground her leg caught in a fox trap. Her scent seemed familiar, but Catori couldnt figure out why, as she had no time to think about it, because they were already rushing forward to help. Working together, Catori and Black Shadow pryed apart the metal foxtrap, as the shewolf howled in pain. Catori felt bad for her, and began to lick her wound once the trap was off. Black Shadow, however, seemed to keep his distance. Catori looked at him questioningly
    "Its the shewolf from before." He stated firmly. Catori stopped licking and looked at the shewolf. Her pelt was a lustrous brown color, and her eyes wer a very pretty green, eys that wer now looking at Black Shadow as if he was a juicy piece of caribou. Jealousy shot through Catori, as feirce and wild as a raging gale. She managed to keep her cool though, this silly shewolf would never win over Black Shadow, he was too smart for that

  21. Black Shadow watched Catori carefully and saw a flicker of cold fire in her eyes, which disappeared instantly.
    He walked up to the dark she wolf and asked stiffly, "You got a name?"
    She looked up at him with huge pained, sad green eyes and whimpered, "My-my name is Twyla. Please don't leave me out in the snow to freeze. "
    Black Shadow was slightly concerned for her health. She might not be able to fend or hunt for herself if he left her to freeze with a broken leg in the snow. On the other hand, if he took her with him, she would slow them down.
    He looked at Catori and asked, "What do you think?"
    She hesitated, then said, "Yeah, let's take her. I'd feel really bad if we left her in the snow."
    Black Shadow nodded, and helped Twyla up. She leaned heavily on his shoulder, and he muttered,
    "We might as well just travel through the night." Glancing at Catori, they abandoned their snow den, and started trudging forward through the knee deep snow. Twyla glanced back at Catori, and with the moon glinting in twyla's green eyes, she gave a devious grin to catori. with thatdone, she rested her head on Black Shadow's shoulder.

  22. Rage bubbled fiercly beneath Catori's white pelt. How dare that witch of a shewolf! Catori knew she must take action before this went any farther.
    Running up between the two wolves, and jostling them apart with her shoulders, Catori looked pointedly at Twyla
    "Oh im soo sorry!" She said in mock remorse, "There was a rock back there that i trippped on, is your poor little leg ok?" Catori asked, implying that Twyla was weak. Twyla's eyes burned into Catori's as the two shewolfs locked in a gaze of hatred. Black Shadow looked at the wolves questioningly, but niether shewolf broke thier gaze
    "We should probably get going" Black Shadow barked, looking a little creeped out
    "Of course, here, ill help Twyla along for this leg of the journey." Catori said, stepping on Twylas back foot, so she wouldnt go up to join Black Shadow. Then the three woolves began traveling again, Catori smugly walking alongside Twyla, who suddenly didnt need a shoulder to lean on anymore

  23. Twyla exclaimed, "OUCH!" and rammed Catori in the side, knocking her over into a giant snowdrift. "Oh, I'm sooo sorry! My bad leg is killing me and i stepped on an ice shard." she hid a smirk as catori staggered out of the snow that was taller than her.
    Catori growled, which was interupted by a sneeze. "oh my, did you get snow up your nose?" she asked mockingly.
    black shadow wasn't noticing it, and his temper was inflaming. "Come on, no more accidents while we trek. lets go." he barked, and kept walking. catori walked next to twyla, still sneezing. then she stuck her legs in front of twyla's paws and tripped her, and she landed hard in the snow. twyla snarled and bit catori's tail hard, and yanked it.

  24. Catori looked back and Smiled sweetly at Twwyla.
    "Oh did you mistake my tail for a rabbit?" She said n mock sweetness, "Your eyesight must be pretty bad then, or maybe just driven mad by hunger, thats usually the case when your exiled by your own pack" Catori barked, and let her last word turn into a snarl. The stupis she wolf would never beat her in insults, she may be bigger, but Catori knew that she would find a way to put Twyla to shame. Leaving Twwyla open mouthed, Catori trotted up to Black Shadow and started talking.

  25. Twyla shoved herself in between them, and said, "oh sorry guys. hey do you see those wolves?" she cocked her head at their figure coming through the deep snow.
    Black Shadow nodded while Catori scowled at Twyla.
    "Blood Pack."

    Jasper smirked as he watched Uro pace back and forth.
    "I gave him specific orders and he just blew me off! I'll teach him. Black Shadow will be an omega when he comes back."
    Jasper growled; Black Shadow meant nothing to him. As long as he was gone just meant one more obstacle out of the way.
    Uro heard him growl.
    "What was that, BETA?!"
    Jasper smirked. "I challenge you to a fight for alphaship- to the death!"

  27. CATORI- As the four wolves approached camp, they heard snarling and growling, Slowly and cautiously, Catori peeked through some foliage to see wahts going on. She gasped at what she saw. Jasper and Uro where circling eachother! Jasper must have challenged Uro Leadership, so they wer proabbaly about to fight to the dath or something. Catori was about to pad tentitivly to a cave nearby when she felt a sudden, clenching pain in her stomach
    "AH! The pups!" She managed to get out before she saw the snow around her turn red with blood and she hit the ground howling

  28. AKIA- Akia placed her paws on Catori's stomach.
    "Calm down! You'll be fine. I-I think I can do this, one of the dogs on the team had pups, and they let me help out."
    "Oh, so you think I'll be just fine just because you think you can deliver my pups!?" she snarled at Akia.
    "Gosh, calm down." Akia backed away. Twyla had already gone to camp, but Black Shadow still lingered.
    "Can you get some water for her to drink, then?" she asked him. Black Shadow was about to make some smart comment about not taking orders from a dog, but he shut up and left.

  29. Black Shadow stopped as Catori's words wrung in his head: "You filthy rat! Anything we had between us is now over!"
    He swung around and said simply, "Catori, since you're so eager to get rid of me, you obviously don't need my help." so he marched back to camp where he found twyla crumpled on the ground. "my- pups-"
    he twitched. suddenly his world was being over run with annoying she wolves who had anger issues. his attention was diverted by jasper who was standing over uro, who was paralyzed and bleeding on the ground, but not dead.
    "no!" yelped black shadow. this was his only chance at leadership. saying the words so quickly they slurred he growled, "jasper i challange your leadership!"

  30. CATORI- Catori was vaugly aware of Black shadow's absence and Akia's prescence.
    "ARRGGG!!" She yealp as the first pup came into the world. It was Dark Grey, like its father, but had Catori's Frosty blue eyes. Another wave of pain brought out the second pup, This time pure white she wolf with bright blood-red markings on her face and Black Shadows mismatched eyes. Catori remebered vaugly wondering why it had red markings befoer she felt another contraction and the third pup slid out, It was a scrawny little grey pup with hazel eyes. Then Catori looked up at Akia for confirmation thtat that was the last one, but she shook her head
    "One more." She barked, and right as she said tht Catoris body convulsed in pain and the last pup, a whitish siler she pup, whith beautiful pale green eyes, came into the world, only, this one did not wriggle towards Catoris warm body like the others, instead she seemed to cling to the snow and ice below her, seemingly comforted by the coldness. Akia nudged the pup toward her mother and Catori looked lovingly down at her.
    "Ill call you Shiver, for your love of ice"

  31. By the time all the pups were happily suckling, Akia had dug a den around them. It was messy, but functional. Standing by Catori, she alternated between licking her and the pups. Catori leaned over to lick the gray one with hazel eyes.
    "Shes the smallest. If these pups are accepted into the pack, she'll be the omega pup, like I was." Akia nodded, continuing to lick.
    "I'll call her Blossom."

    - Akia

  32. CATORI- Catori looked lovingly down at all her pups. She knew that they would grow up to be fine young wolves, no matter what rank they had.
    "Thanks." Catori barked to Akia, and she looked up in suprise, "I mean, for being my friend when i was in need" Catori barked then looked gazed out the den entrance into the endless white world,
    "Winter is a hard time to have pups.." Catori sighed and layed her head down next to a sleeping Hazel, letting her eyes slowly close.

  33. TWYLA howled as her pups came- a pith black she pup with a white chest and tail tip, with ivy green eyes. "Raven." she panted.
    Then another pup came- he looked like black shadow even the eyes, except one brown ear and paw she named Hawk.
    (those were my two you guys chose a pup and ill take the leftover)
    three more pups came- a dark brown she wolf with one green eye and one blue eye named Meadow Lark, a cream light brown she wolf with blue eyes named Morning Dove, and a black boy wolf with one green and one blue eye named Crow.
    BLACK SHADOW lunged at jasper who dodged barely. black shadow was on him by the time he turned around, ripping his throat with his fangs. flailing desperately, jasper bucked, his attempts getting weaker. black shadow threw him aside. "ill let you live as a father for my pups- your now catori's mate and i dont care if she doesn't like it. i dont have a use for my pups so they are now your offspring." he smirked with contempt and disgust. jasper, who was crawling, belly crawled out of camp to help catori, on black shadows orders.
    LYNX growled and leapt out of the snow on top of catori.

  34. (Ill take Crow, lol i need more males)
    CATORI- Catori screamed and immeadiatly thought of the pups, Akia had gone to get a drink, so she was all alone with the pups. Scraping her back claws along the lynxs belly, making it howl with pain, but then the lynx planted a firm paw on her neck and Catori struggled against it, but somewhere deep inside her, she knew she wouldnt be able to budge. Catori had never been a strong wolf in the first place, and she was even more weak and tired from having pups, but she never stopped struggling, her maternal instinct wouldnt let her.

    CROW- Crow snugelled up against his mother belly, pushing his other siblings out of the way so he could latch on. The annoying sounds from outside had ceased, and he was glad for the silence.

    SHIVER- Shiver watched as her mother was pinned down by a giant big animal, with big claws and teeth. Even at her young age, Shiver could shell the fear and anger wafting off Mother, and Shiver felt a twinge of fear too, as the giant creature showed its long, horrible teeth. Then as Shiver's pale blue eyes dart from left to right in fear, she saw a big male wolf burst through the entrace to knock the cat from catori

  35. JASPER, weak and battered, was barely enough weight to knock the lynx from catori. It wrapped it's paws around him like a hug except that its claws went straight through the fur and stabbed through his skin. its weight pulled him down, and it stabbed a claw through his stomach and eyes. screeching, it took an eye and left.
    jasper yelped, feeling his socket where the eye was missing.
    BLACK SHADOW howled in victory, and the rest of camp joined in.

  36. CATORI- Catori barely registered the joyful howling outside as she rushed to Jaspers side.
    "This is all my fault!" She fretted as she rushhed to grab a mouthful of snow to clean Jaspers wound. Then she noticed one other thing. Ice was gone. The lynx had taken him. The first thing Catori thought to do would to go after him, but she knew inside that the lynx would have already killed him, and she knew that Jasper would die if no one fixed his wound. So with a heavy heart,, Catori begain pressing the fresh snow over the bleeding wound

  37. Akia rushed back and wrapped her tail around the remaining pups.
    "Stupid!" she growled. Catori didn't so much as glance over at her.

    Blossom looked scaredly at her mother.

    Meadow Lark (I'm taking her) padded away from Twyla and her siblings. She didnt like Twyla- Or Black Shadow for that matter. It was instinct. A she-wolf that Meadow Lark didn't know picked her up, her eyes smiling.

  38. CATORI- Catori looked over at Akia, her eyes sad.
    "They got Ice" She said plainly, and Akia nodded sadly. Jaspers bleeding was begginning to let up, and Catori took the snow away briefly to look at the wound. It was rather horrible, it was just a bloody, gorey socket where Jaspers eye had once been, and Catori felt a deep pang of pity for Jasper in the pit of her stomach.

    SHIVER- Shiver looked incredoulously at her mother. Why hadnt she gone after Ice? This wolf was strange, and they had never really met him before, so why should Catori sacrifice 1 of her pups just to save this other strange wolf. IT was illogical, Thought Shiver coldly.

    CROW- Crow looked over at Meadow Lark as the other pups suckled. Where did she think she was going? Crow felt the need to know so her trotted over to Meadow Lark, his eyes narrowed, and he flicked her ear with his tail.
    "Just where do you think your going?"

  39. (Raven will be like Shiver sorta but evil, you know? like smart, quiet. but raven is like, her evil counter part, except she doesnt control ice. maybe she could control like, shadows or sumthin! anyway, is that ok with u? cuz if its not its fine.)

  40. (Woah no way can I give Meadow Lark a power?)
    Meadow Lark turned on Crow.
    "You're not the boss of me! I'm not taking orders from you!" As she glared at him, poison ivy sprouted around his paws and he howled from the sting. Twyla rushed over.
    "What happened!?" she yelled licking her pup frantically. Meadow Lark stared at her paws in horror, then ran when no wolf was looking.
    Out in the forest, the plants parted at her convenience without her trying, and the grasses formed a warm nest around her.

    AKIA- Over the next few sunrises, Akia, Catori, and Jasper formed their own small camp. Jasper was weak- Sleeping on and off, but Catori treated him and fed her pups, who were all strong and healthy. Akia hunted for them.

  41. (sorry if my writings bad, im out of practice lol)
    CROW- Crow's gaze seered into the place where Meadow LArk had dissapeared. HE was suppposed to be the strongest, HE want to be alpha, not her. Growling under his breath he went back to the den, shaking of Twylas worried looks

    SHIVER- Shiver watched as the day turned by in an endless cycle of days and nights. The pups were getting big now and Shiver felt more and more drawn to the ice as eveery day passed. She felt full of ice, as if her very heart was sheathed in an icy veil.

    CATORI- Catori sighed, she knew this day would come
    "I think its time we introduce the pups to the pack." Catori barked, looking at Jasper and Akia. When both of them nodded, Catori padded slowly out of the den, the 3 pups in tow, and the two other adult canines in the back.
    "Maybe the pack will let us near them again" Jasper said hopefully, and Catori and Akia nodded

  42. "Stop!" Akia cried, and turn to the other two. She placed Blossom back on the ground.
    "I don't want this to be a disaster! We HAVE to think this through." Jasper and Catori exchanged looks.
    "I guess we can't just go walking back in and hope to be accepted." Jasper shrugged.
    "I thought it through, and I think I'll go alone first, and talk to Black Shadow about it. It would be too emotional for Catori to go, and since Black Shadow just beat you to a pulp, Jasper, that'd be a disaster." Jasper and Catori both winced at her honesty.
    "He doesn't love you either, Akia." Catori retorted.
    "Yeah, but nothing special. Only cause I'm a dog." Jasper and Catori whispered for a moment, and then nodded for Akia to go.


  43. (listen to number 7 on the playlist as you read this one)
    BLACK SHADOW-Black Shadow nodded as he spoke to one of the wolves.
    "The carribou must've changed their migrating patterns.
    "I see."
    He muttered as the wolf presented him with one snow hare. Other wolves had brought in small loads as well. He howled, and when almost everyone was gathered, he announced, "We will take two parties to meet with Ice and Blood. We will see if their prey is low as well, and if not, I'm going to try to get them to move territories, as well as us."
    A hush came over the wolves.
    TWYLA gathered her pups, leaving Meadow Lark to fend on her own, and entered camp, not knowig the others were as well. She had heard the announcement and decided to see the pack. Raven, Mourning Dove, Hawk and Crow filed ahead and trotted into camp. Black Shadow looked up. "It seems the pups and their mothers have arrived." He growled, and someone called out, "About time!"
    His voice full of contempt, black shadow said, "Twyla, because it seems you are the only non omega she wolf of the pack, you are now alpha female."
    "What's that mean?!" Akia shouted, just arriving on the other side of camp. Twyla marched over and snarled, "it means im in charge, understand?"
    catori then made an appearence on akia's other side.

  44. AKIA composed herself and padded up to Black Shadow.
    "Look, I'm not exactly in a trouble causing mood at the moment. But I would like to discuss a few things with you, if that would be alright." she barked, scratching her ear with a hind paw.
    "Like what?" snarled Black Shadow.
    "Hmm.. Like her." she tipped her head toward Catori. "And, like, why you did this." she said, reaching her paw up to touch her mangled nose.

  45. CATORI- Catori glared at Black Shadow, her blue eyes as cold as ice. She waited patiently for his response, even though she knew there was no response that would make anything alright again.

  46. "And why your so abusive to us." Akia added.
    The other wolves of the pack whispered nervously; Akia was challenging Black Shadow.
    Black Shadow stared down at her coldly, and suddenly his paw rained down forcefully across her muzzle, sending her sprawling across the clearing. Shaking out his mane, he said, "Midnight, Eclipse, and Declan. Bring me Catori."
    Midnight grabbed her scruff, and as Catori thrashed Declan snapped his jaws around her hind legs, which collapsed. Together they dragged her to Black Shadow.
    "You, omega, and your mutt friend are defiant to my pack. As punishment, you and Akia are exiled from the pack of eternal rain." he continued, "twyla will nurse your pups and jasper will train them, and they are to stay with the pack un til we move. and if they try to escape, the penalty is death. you are no longer a members here; you are outsiders. pack, chase them out."
    declan, midnight, eclipse and twyla prowled closely, snarling.

  47. AKIA- herded Catori towards the camp exit.
    "Don't worry, we're going. We don't feel allied to you anyways." Once they were out of camp, Akia giggled.
    "They are sooo serious!" she barked, "I don't think I could've lived like that, I would've run away anyways." Catori gave her a distressed look.
    "That's my home, mutt! Don't take this so lightly! And my pups!" Akia stopped in her tracks.
    "Not a mutt." she muttered, "I'm pure bred siberian husky." Catori sighed.
    "Fine, fine, but we need to get my pups back." Akia considered this for a moment.
    "Yeah! And then we can be our own group! Akia, Catori, and Catori's pups! Maybe we can find me a cute malamute and I can have some pups of my own!" Akia barked excitedly.
    "What is wrong with you?" Catori asked, exasperated.
    "Sorry, I get a little crazy under pressured situations. It's a defense mechanism." she muttered.

  48. TWYLA leapt out of the camp with the others wolves, practically on top of the outcasts. With a cruel grin she snarled, "Run, mutts, run." With that said she chomped down on Akia's leg, and Midnight did the same to Catori. The two she wolves scrambled up, and scampered away, the larger group nipping their heelsuntil they were miles out of the territory, and a dark frozen wasteland. The Rain group turned and went back to camp.
    BLACK SHADOW barked to Jasper shortly, "Keep the pups with you at all times. If the outcasts try to claim them, you can kill them (catori and akia). If you hand the pups over, we'll kill you." Jasper nodded, and Twyla and her group walked in. Black Shadow said, "Twyla, you will nurse your's and Catori's pups and Jasper will act as their father."

  49. BLOSSOM- "I want Catori!" she screamed, "I want Aunt Akia!" Twyla whipped Blossom sharply with her tail
    "Shut up, omega!" she ordered.
    "Omega?" Blossom asked meekly.
    "Omega's are always the smallest pups, and you seem to be the smallest out of all the pups here. So you're the omega pup, the lowest in the pack." Twyla snarled, "Now get out of the way so my pups can have milk."

    MEADOW LARK sniffed the air and followed her nose to the plants that smelled tastiest. She ate heartily, unaware that most wolves don't feed on plants. She giggled.
    "The other wolves don't even miss me." she smiled, cheerful at her escape and padded into the tall grasses, easily concealed.

    AKIA licked her leg.
    "We were ON our way out. They didn't have to push it. They have to chill." Catori nodded in agreement, licking her own leg.

  50. CATORI- Catori stared stoiclly across the empty rainforest, she saw some little flowers poking through some snow.
    "Spring..." She murmered
    "What?" Akia asked
    "Its becoming spring." Catori said, "The pups will be a couple moons old now. " she barked, smiling slightly
    "You still mourn them" Akia said, "There safe, we need to worry about ourselves now, focus on surviving" Akia bark, giving Catori a small smile
    "Your right, im sorry" Catori barked and looked at Akia, he eyes growing more cheerful "The ice is melting, want to try some fishing?"

  51. AKIA- "Definitely!" Akia slammed a paw down on the thinnest part of the ice, cracking it to make a fishing hole. Catori did the same and both she wolves quieted, shifting to make sure their shadows didn't cover the water.
    It wasn't long before both of them had a few fish each. Catori nodded back toward the neutral territory where they'd been living and Akia turned in that direction. But before they could go anywhere, a huge she-wolf appeared from behind them.
    "This is our river! Give us our prey or Rain pack will feel the claws of Crystal Ice!" Akia snorted.
    "We're not Rain pack. They threw us out a long time ago. We caught these fish! They're ours!" The Ice alpha looked startled.
    "Well well well, outcasts. Maybe you could be as some value to Ice, seeing as you caught that many fish in the sort of weather." Akia and Catori exchanged a look, realizing what Lira was offering.
    "They could help us get your pups back." Akia whispered, her eyes cutting away to Lira for the briefest moment.

  52. Lira snarled, "Shut up and listen! Our pack is still growing, and I offer you two a life within our pack. But don't expect to be welcomed by Torrik after what you did, omega. Once you leave an impression on him, it's never coming off." She made something like a half grin, half smirk.
    Akia squared up to Lira and said boldly, "Don't tell us what to do. We could take you- there's two of us to one of you."
    Lira stared at her cooly at said, "Look at you. Your pathetic. You two are skin and bones."
    It was true, in fact, that Lira was bigger than both of them put together, and healthier.
    Catori shouldered Akia out of the way and forced, "Look, sorry about attacking Torrik," then took a breath and said, "But we'd be honored to have a place to stay."
    Lira just smiled like there was an inside joke amusing her, and said,
    "Then follow me."
    (lets continue this on ice pack)

  53. Black Shadow snarled, "Bloodpack," and heads went up.
    Akala of Bloodpack appeared at camp entrance.
    "I have a message from Red Fang," She said, "Blood Pack will be moving away from the mountains, and we wanted to see if you'd like to move as well.

  54. SHIVER- Shiver pondered this turn of events. She thought about the possible dangers, the percentage of survival versus failure. Then she thought about the dwindling stock of prey that she had heard Black Shadow whispering about with his pack mates. Shiver knew they had to move, it was only logical. Just as she had decided this, a staggering wave of dizziness crashed over her. Stumbling slightly, Shiver blinked and the dizziness was gone a quickly as it had come on. What was that? Shiver shook her head to clear the slight achiness that the dizzy spell had brought on. Most likely growing pains, Thought Shiver as a warmish breeze tickled her fur in a precursor of spring.

  55. BLACK SHADOW nodded and said, "We were planning on moving anyway; temporarily joining our packs will make them stronger."
    RAVEN watched the Black Shadow silently as she went over the scenarios that could play out on this journey. She heard Black Shadow say, "When should we move?"
    Akala replied, "We should probably wait awhile to prepare-"
    but was interrupted by Raven who said coldly and quietly, "We should send scouts ahead first so that if there are dangers, it will hit the scouts and not us, therefore preserving the whole of the pack."
    Black Shadow gave her a questioning look, then said, "She's right."

  56. BLOSSOM was angry. She spent her days being pushed around by her own sibling's and Twyla and Twyla's pups. So when the idea of scouts were suggested-
    "I'm not to young to be a scout, am I?" she squeaked.

  57. SHIVER- Shiver glared icily at both Raven and Blossom. The black shewolf seemed to be trying too make a spot for herself with in the pack, which could turn into a problem later when, it was time for the strongest wolf to assume the alpha position. Shiver felt automatic rivalry and distain for this wolf. She looked at Blossom, letting her feelings get in the way of buisness, she hated to admit it, but the souts were a good idea, and Blossom would only slow them down.

    DECLAN- Declan laughed.
    "I say we let the little squirt go, if shes game enough!" He said and looked at Black Shadow.
    "While were on the subject, i will also request to go."

  58. Raven narrowed her at the arrogant white she pup. Her scent betrays her emotions, thought Raven. And also believes that she will gain leadership before I do. I must annihilate all obstructions to my path to alphaship.
    "No, Blossom shouldn't go. On one hand she'll get in the way get in the way and on the other hand she's stupid and unneeded among the camp. But still there's a small chance of hope for her here, so she should stay in the camp during the journey. Our best choices as a pack would be to send Declan and Rain. Declan is strong enough to survive the challanges most likely thrown at him, and Rain has absolutely no purpose within the pack, so it should be a good combination." She stated in monotone.
    BLACK SHADOW gave her a strange look, then said, "I suppose your right but I want to send Blossom still, because she's useless to us and we have a surplus of other pups." Turning, he glared at the small scrawny gray pup.
    "You will go with Declan, and Rain will go as well."

  59. SHIVER- glared a the black pup, and the twl locked in a gaze of hatred. Shiver knew she would need to display her streghth early on so that this future-failure knew her place. Shiver closed her eyes. her senses reached out scanning the area for that one small thing she needed; snow. She located a small pile, about the size of a pup, that clung to the coolness of the shade of a small rock.
    Come, she thought, her mind intensly concentrated, and the icy snow began to snake forward slowly, then it got faster. The older wolves were argueing about something, so they didnt notice the small trail of snow snakng its way acrosss the clearing. It collected neatly in a pile at Shivers feet. Shiver took a deep breath, centered her focus, and sent the snow shooting across the clearing at Raven like a deadly dart of ice. Before Raven had even noticed what was happening, the snow swarmed up her legs and seemed to be absorbed into her skin. Shiver watched as Raven gasped, and blinked in pain as the icy snow raced through her body. After a minute or two, Ravens eyes cleared of ain and Shiver saw her look around to see the source of the attack. And shivers deathly pale green gaze met hers like fire clashing with ice.

  60. Raven grinned in a deathly way. She concentrated on the pup's shadow, and watched as she made it contort into a writhing black mass, raising out of the ground. grew claw like arms and wrapped around Shiver's leg's with an unbreakable grip. it sunk into her nose and eyes and choked her neck.
    Annihilate any obstructions.
    Those were the words circling through Ravens head.

    "If I don't go I'll just annoy you here! Twyla wants me gone! Right, Twyla?" she argued.

    Meadow Lark padded joyfully out of her nest of flowers and into the clearing. The side of the trees were thick with mosses and there were bushes positively dripping with berries.
    However, a different scene suddenly flashed before her eyes. Shiver, and Raven. She ran towards the camp, intent on stopping them.

  62. SHIVER-The pups locked gazes as their elements raged against each other. Not enought cold, not enough ice, Thought Shiver through gritted teeth, and pulled away from the fight just in time to see Meadow Lark running twards them.
    "Stop Fighting!" She barked, and Shiver ran over the possible responses in her head.
    "We were not fighting, i was simply passing by." Shiver stated, her voice even and believable

  63. RAVEN looked at Meadow Lark.
    "I agree," Raven said cooly, and walked away.
    BLACK SHADOW said, " I'd expect we'll have bad weather during the journey, because the snow is melting and we DO live in a Rain Forest. So we need to store food ahead of time. Any ideas on how to carry it?"
    "We could strap vines to ourselves and tie small prey to them. That could work," Someone suggested.
    Black Shadow nodded and said, "Who will carry? Volunteers?"

  64. MEADOW LARK retreated from the camp, thinking she had gone unseen.
    But Twyla caught sight of her tail just as it disappeared behind a tree.
    "Think I forgot you?" she asked coolly, grabbing the pup by the scruff. Meadow Lark snarled and willed the vines closer. The didn't budge.
    "Your stupid tricks don't work on me. I'm your mother." Twyla deftly snapped Meadow Lark's right front leg. She writhed and wailed. Morning Dove looked up at her in horror and Meadow Lark was dropped next to her sister.
    "Good luck keeping up when we move, pup."

  65. DECLAN- Decan watched as Twyla snarled the cruel word to her own pup
    "Wolves like tht make me sick" He snarled under his breath but made sure Twyla couldnt hear. Padding over to Meadow Lark, he nudged the dejected pup gently with his paw
    "Dont worry about keepin' up in the move, kid, im sure there are slower wolves in the pack" He barked with a meaningful glance at Jasper slowly making his way over to the pond. Declan chuckled as the scrawny omega slipped and fell into the pond, and came back up, face covered in pond gunk. Declans laughter faded to horror, though, as he saw the small reddish brown wolf suddenly dragged under at incredible speed, Jasper only managed a strangled 'help" before his head dissapeared under the surface

  66. BLACK SHADOW watched curiously. He trotted over and peered into the mud.
    He said to Twyla, "Get one of the pups, and use them for bait to see what's pulling him under."

  67. OKAMI stepped forward. "I will, Black Shadow!" She said as bravely as she could. She would do anything to make her father proud, and if this was it, so be it. He nodded approvingly and stepped back. She stepped forward and dipped a paw in the murky red water. Her paw sunk into the mud about an inch under, and it pulled on her paw. She tugged, and it jerked out with a suction-y sound. Tentatively she stepped with two paws into the muddiness.
    MOURNING DOVE licked her sisters ear, trying to comfort her. "Are you hurt?" She asked, worried.
    RAVEN observed the situation in front of her. The white and red she pup wedged her paws in the mud, and she started sinking at a rapid rate.
    HAWK smirked at the sinking pup- Okami was her name- how was she stupid enough to do this?

  68. MEADOW LARK smiled grimly at Morning Dove.
    "Um, yeah, just, my leg." Morning Dove inspected it.
    "Is it supposed to bend that way?" she squeaked, her eyes wide. Meadow Lark shook her head, her eyes closed tight.
    "It hurts." she whispered. With her eyes still closed in pain, Meadow Lark manipulated the dark green leaves on the nearest bush to tie her leg tightly, snapping it back into place. Meadow Lark screamed, and a few of the older wolves looked her way. She lifted it of the ground carefully, and started practicing walking on three legs.
    BLOSSOM watched the other pups sinking into the mud. What was the point? She padded over anyways and grabbed Raven's pelt in her scruff, and started to pull her out.

  69. CROW- Crow snootily watched as his stupid half sisters scrambled around in the mud, trying to save some stupid old omega who was probably already dead anyway. Survival of the fittest, he thought as he admired his perfectly toned leg muscles. He was sure he would become alpha someday, where was his competition? surely not these future-omegas

  70. Raven smirked as she watched the lower pups try to pull Okami out of the mud.Black Shadow had quickly lost interest, obviously assuming that the omega wolf was dead.
    Okami was sharply jerked out of the mud with a suction cup sound. She stumbled a bit, then turned, snarling at Blossom.
    "Who do you think you are she hissed furiously, trying to keep her voice quiet. "All I want to do is prove to dad that I'm worthy of his attention, and you're ruining it for me!" She turned tail and stalked off, her paws dripping with clay like mud.

  71. "Well I wasn't about to let you kill yourself, was I!?" Blossom called after him. She sighed and went to find some scraps of food, if they were willing to feed her.

  72. OKAMI sat down under a canopy tree, furious. Everyone was ruining everything? Couldn't they just leave her alone?! She had a goal in life and it seemed as if everyone were trying to break it. A toucan pecked at a budding flower that hadn't even produced it's fruit yet. She realized that the animals here were hungry, maybe starving, and the wolves would too soon if they didn't move. She didn't want to though; she liked the heavy humidity of the rain forest, the refreshing rain that poured about every ten minutes, the pretty waterfalls that were found everywhere within Rainland.
    She decided that if she was going to move, that was the final place she would be until they moved. Camp was too dramatic and chaotic- she wanted to just live in peace for awhile. Okami started hiking through the thick jungle to find a water fall.
    BLACK SHADOW told the scouts, Declan, Blossom, and Rain, "Go to the other packs, see if they have scouts. If so, go with them and get out of Wild Territory."
    The wolves nodded and left.

  73. DECLAN- Declan padded uneasily out of camp. What of Jasper, the omega? Surely hes dead by now, thought Declan with slight remorse, he had been ther when the scrawnycreature had fallen in, he probably could have saved him. Shaking his head, Declan decided not to dwell on these troublesome thoughts. Instead he looked over at Rain, the other adult in the scouting group
    "First we'll head to Ice," He said, and Rain nodded. She seemed quiet, and Declan liked the aura of calmness about Rain, it seemed to fit nicely with declan's talkative, outgoing aura.

  74. "whats goin on?" Niko thought, his ears pricked and set forward.
    He had heard Jasper's strangled yelp and then heard the other wolves strike up confusion. He tried to picture in his mind what was going on. With a small cough-like noise he got a semi-clear image of Black Shadow standing near the spot where Jasper had disappeared. Then he saw 3 or 4 small figures standing by the same spot. Then it all went black again. Irritated, Niko repeated the sound and felt outward for any vibrations. This time he saw Declan, Rain and a small figure that he presumed was still a pup, although not a small one, heading out of the entrance.
    "they must be the scouts." he thought.

    (just to clear this up, Niko learned to use a kind of echolocation and the vibration technique to help him "see".)

  75. Blossom trotted next to the older wolves excitedly.
    "Hi! I'm Blossom!" she introduced herself, "I'm looking forward to working with you two!"

  76. Shiba smiled slightly at the pup's enthusiasm, and walked on in silence.

  77. DECLAN- Declan gently ruffled young wolf's head fur with a paw
    "Glad your with us kid." He said, a smile on his face
    (lets move this to Bloodpack)

  78. Akala took a startled step back.
    "W-what is that thi-thing?!" she stuttered, staring at the black jaguar, wide-eyed.
    She hadn't ever seen one of these before. It had a large well-muscled body and a piercing yellow stare. Looking at its huge paws she saw big talons.
    "uh. Declan? Do you see these type of things regularly in your territory?" she asked softly, treading backwards to stand closer to the group.

  79. DECLAN-
    "Pshhh yeah" He said, looking back at Akala with a smirk, "You dontbother them, they dont bother you, although i havent seen a black one in awhile." Declan said, and advanced on the Panther. The big cat hissed as the wolves padded past its tree, but the cat wasnt game enough to take on 9 wolves. Looking back, Declan Saw Fang padding scardly through the forest, jumping at every rustle and sound, letting Shiba take the lead, he padded back and flicked Fang with his thick tail, which maded the smallish canine jump
    "Jumpy?" Declan asked as Fangs deep brown eyes stared scardly at his surroundings
    "Yeah, i just dont like this place." He said, his voice quivering

  80. "You're not alone there, Fang. I don't like this place either." Akala said softly, looking around cautiously. Although she wasn't as scared as Fang, this place still made her uneasy. She'd choose rough mountaintops over this place any day.
    "What I wouldn't give for a couple open spaces right about now..." she murmured, half to herself.

  81. A little kit about the size of a pup jumped in front of them.
    "Aww!"Akala said, coming forward and nuzzling it. It batted playfully, then licked her nose with its tiny tongue.
    "No-" Shiba and Declan said at once, but it was too late. There was a feral cat growl behind them, followed by a hiss.
    The black leopard jumped out of its tree in one jump and flitted towards them with speed.

  82. Blossom watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as the black leopard came at them. Was this really the kind of thing that lived on their territory?
    Before she could react, the huge cat grabbed her scruff and threw her against a tree with a loud thump, followed by scraping as she slid towards the ground.

  83. Akala immediately raced over and stood over Blossom, growling deep in her throat at the jaguar as it snarled and hissed at her and Blossom.
    Akala snapped her jaws mere centimeters away from its thick muzzle and it flinched back a second before answering with a lash of its talons.
    Snarling, Akala flattened her ears and fought back a yelp of pain as the claws sliced through her shoulder. Standing her ground, she bit down on one of the big cat's legs.
    Hissing in pain and annoyance, the leopard dug its claws into her sides.

  84. DECLAN- Leaping in to help Akala, Declan barrelled into the big cat, knocking it sideways and stunning it momentarily. Smiling cockily, Declan pounced again, this time tearing his teeth through the cats ear. He and Akala worked together to push the black cat back, taking turns with the blows until the cat was pushed back a couple meters.
    "Anyone care to chase this mangy kitten out of our way?"

  85. "Declan-" Shiba started to protest, but the leopard slammed into her before she saw it, knocking out her breath. It's claws tore down her ribs, burning like fire.
    "Help!" She shrieked, unable to defend herself.

  86. Akala was already ahead of Shiba, darting in as soon as she called out.
    Growling deep in here throat and uttering deep, guttural barks that if you didnt see her, you wouldnt know it was Akala, she leaped in and out at the big cat.
    Finally, with Declan's help, they were able to run the beast off. As soon as it was over, Akal came over to Shiba's side.
    "I'm sorry... You got hurt cause of me and my stupid mistake...." Akala said softly, almost whimpering, ears tucked back, head low and tail almost between her legs. This wasn't how Beta's of Bloodpack were supposed to look, but she didn't care. She had gotten a potential friend and temporary ally almost killed. And heer conscious was screaming at her bloody murder for it, too.

  87. FANG- Fang looked at Akala in admiration. It really took a lot of guts to get down and apologize to a beta from another pack,no matter what the circumstances. Maybe not all the wolves in Bloodpack were power obsessed. Walking forward to the group, Fang watched and Shiba got up shakily, then shake her fur out as if shaking away the emory of the big cat.
    "Those things are pretty nasty in a fight." Fang heard the big brown wolf, Declan,say. He could have never been more right. The whole fight had territfied Fang,even thoughit was 9 wolves against 1 cat, Fang knew that this cat was just the kind of lurking monster that his tribe elder had talked about. Shivering, Fang padded forward into the group, feeling abashed for being to fearful to help in the fight

  88. Akala dipped her head slightly to the Rainpack beta and fell into the back of the group.
    Even more quiet than before, and even more jumpy as well, she was trying to not be more of a problem than she already has been.

    (sorry its so short. Writers block is killer. X3)

  89. Blossom stared at her blood covered pelt. She looked to Declan.
    "Can I...?" She asked. Declan nodded and she made her way back to the Rain Pack Camp.

    Akia snarled after the leopard.
    "That was weird." she commented shrewdly. "Is everyone okay?"

  90. (where's blossom going?)
    Shiba nodded, still recovering. "Hate those stupid cats," She muttered. Then she noticed the forlorn kitten.
    "Oh no!" She cried. "We chased away its mother! Now what?"
    Ash gasped and rushed over to it. The kitten cried, crouching close to the ground.

  91. Akala's ears went up straight.
    "Umm... we could try to find her. and give her back her pup but we don't know where she is or if she'd let us even get close to her again..." she thought outloud, looking at the ground deep in thought.

  92. Akia licked the blood off her claws. "The mom will most likely be coming back for it once we're gone. She could be watching us right now." The fur on the shoulders of some wolves bristled, and others shrank back. "So we should probably be getting out of here quickly."

  93. "But we can't just leave her," Ash insisted. "This is Wild Territory we're talking about. The second we leave she'll be eaten."
    "This is Wild Territory we're talking about. We shouldn't care." Shiba countered. "And we will absolutely not look for her mother- we're lucky we lost her. To look would be suicide."
    "What do you know?" Akala argued. "What would you do if you came across a a stray pup? This is no different."
    "I live here, thank you, and I know exactly what kind of trouble we're getting into." Shiba answered defensively, turning away.
    Declan said, "Come on guys. We're our own pack now. We need to work together, and move on."
    With much grumbling they trudged on. The rain forest was so thick that they couldn't see each other ten feet away. Eventually it was just too challanging; there was no way to get through the feral plant growth that had grown spines, poisonous tropical flowers and leaves, snakes, the occasional watchful pair of eyes.
    "We're going to have to split up."

  94. "ok... Who'll go with who?" Akala asked, eyeing Declan. She hoped that he wouldn't pair him up with Shiba. She hated to sound mean, but she didnt like the Rain she-wolf. She was too straight-forward for her liking. (its only the character that doesn't like her. Not me.)
    'but if we do happen to get put together... I guess I'll just have to suck it up and just keep on goin.' she thought to herself, giving a small, barely noticeable outward sigh.
    Akala looked to Fang. The Wild Dog was still glancing around them, even more edgy since their meeting with the big jungle cat.

  95. "Well there's only two of us Rain wolves here, who know the territory better, so each of us will accompany each group." Shiba said. Declan nodded and added,
    "Me, Skanda, Fang, Akala and Ash will do together, and Shiba can go with Shade, Akia, and Skanda."
    The two groups split.
    ASH waited until the other group was gone, and everyone looked at each other, and agreement in their eyes.
    "Get the kitten."